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ZenithPad an entire decentralized ecosystem, ``DeFi``, providing peer-to-peer financial services on public blockchains!



ZenithPad wants to redefine investors' experience in a decentralized ecosystem, that primarily will provide everything for launching a project or purchasing tokens from our launchpad.



Swaps are customized contracts traded in the over-the-counter (OTC) market privately while being decentralized, versus a Cex public exchange.


Developer Zone

A place where projects developers can mint tokens, find help with others Dev`s freelancers in creating smart contracts, website Dev`s,marketing channels (influencers, shillers, ads) and more.


NFT MarketPlace

A peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare items, crypto collectibles. Buy, sell, auction, and mint. We want to provide the Marketplace as a service and for our community for future NFT events and more..


Liquidity Locker

Create your own custom token lock instantly. All coins are locked into our audited smart contract and can only be withdrawn by Dev after lock time expires.


Stake and Farm

Staking and Farming is a great way to maximize your holdings in staking coins and fiat that would otherwise be sitting in your wallet account.Earn passive income with staking and farming services.

MasterPad aims to gather best Community in a decentralized world!

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First of all, we aim to create a great community of Defi enthusiasts. Like you, hopefully! If you take a look at the top Defi projects you will see that they succeed because of the community.

You can read more about ZenithPad cause on Medium!

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Send $BNB to this address ONLY!

1 $BNB= $zPad
Min 0.1 $BNB = $zPad
Max 5 $BNB = 500.000.000.000 $zPad

Private Presale 1% of Total Supply –

What’s in it for

We prepared a big bag of rewards for every community member, holder, and supporter! From Day One at launch, we will have Aridrop events for everyone. Stake and farm, even the token itself will reflect 4% of every transaction to your wallet. ZenithPad aims to be one of the top Defi projects focused on different services like Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Swap, Stake, Farm, and more. So… We request the honor of your presence! in our community.

rewards for holders

Community incentives

3% MasterPad tokens Aridrop for Community Q4-21 - Q4-22

2% from Total Supply is for Stake Phase 1

Events for holders, at least! in 2022!


Total Supply: $zPad

Reflection 4%, is reflected to all holders for passive income
ZenithPad Grow 3%, marketing,incetives, burn..
LP Acquisition,  2% transaction fee to generate liquidity 

1%         Presale Phase 1
8.5%     Presale Phase 2
5%      Liquidity Pool Locked
3%         AirDrop
2%         Stake Phase 1
10 %      Team Locked and vested
5%         Marketing Locked and vested
65.5%      ZenithPad Ecosystem

Initial Market Cap: 700.000 – 1.200.000 $

Time to build!

ZenithPad Road Map

Putting the idea to work!

Develop the plan to make it happen. Create whitepaper, website and community. Raising awareness of the project through social networks and marketing channels.


Launch Presale Phase 1, Launch Presale Phase 2, Pancake listing, Airdops events for Presales Phase 1 and 2 and early Holders, launch staking. Hire more developers.

Time To Launch!

Raising awareness of the project, building the best crypto community. Launch ILO Platform, Launch NFT MarketPlace, Farming, DEX. Community Vote for what`s next! (like Play to Earn Game) , NFT Airdrop event, Airdrop event. Extend the team.

Community is Key!

Building the best crypto community. Raising more awareness of the project. Make sure that every Dapp is launch and working, continue building next BIG Thing! Airdrop event..

Launch Again!

Never stop growing the awareness and the community. Launch the beta version of the Next Big Thing. More events and airdrops. NFT Airdop. Continue expanding the team.

Rewards time!

More awareness and community grow. Big events for the Diamond Hand Holders. Airdops and more. Community Vote What's Next!

Perpetuum mobile!

Continue raising the bar and create best decentralized services for the community. More to come to be voted.

More Rewards

Early Adopters

Presale Phase 1, 25% more than Pancakeswap 100T for 1 BNB
Presale Phase 2, 10% more than Pancakeswap 85T for 1 BNB
Reflection 4% for Holders
Airdrop for social adopters
Airdrop for Presalers Phase 1 & 2
Every month Airdop for Holders
Join Presale Phase 1 now! Send BNB to this contract.


255075100 BNB Max

ZenithPad Token

Type :
Binance smart chain
Total Supply $zpad

General description

ZenithPad aims to redefine investors’ experience in a decentralized ecosystem, that primarily will provide a safe Launchpad, Swap exchange, Stake and Farm, NFT Marketplace, and much more.

            ZenithPad aims to be one of the fastest-growing and most beloved communities in Defi . We believe that community is essential, that is why we want this project to be governed by the community.


Token Use case

  • Governance – holders can influence decisions concerning the project
  • Reflection 4% to Holders
  • Liquidity provider (LP) acquisition 2%
  • Providing a stable flow of funds for marketing wallet 3%
  • ILO allocation – guaranteed allocation in ILOs sale
  • Used  in NFT MarketPlace
  • ZenithPad Ecosystem

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Landing Ico #2
Master One

Is the head of the project in charge with project recognition, marketing, social media, community growth, events and everything else project related.

Landing Ico #2
Master DevG

Solidity and smart contract development experience, experience with deploying smart contracts on Bsc and Eth.

Landing Ico #2
Master DevZ

Skilled in testing smart contracts and related infrastructure, technical and practical understanding of DeFi and much more.

Why stay anonymous?

Because is safe for the team,  no regulation and law enforcement, no attacks or scams over the team, this is the real decentralized  Satoshi dream!